Our Vision and Mission

Medical Director;

Our hospital was opened in 1987 as a 150-bed State Hospital. Kartal Training and Research Hospital was started at the beginning of the assistant education in 1988, and the former Governor of Istanbul in 2000. Lütfi Kırdar's name was given to my hospital. As of 2015, our hospital is serving in 4 different districts including 12 different buildings, Maltepe, Adalar, Pendik and Kartal. Our hospital has a capacity of 680 bedrooms and 23 clinics provide education to Tıpta Specialist students as well as a total of 43 branches. In addition, with the signing of the afilm protocol with the University of Health Sciences, our hospital has also become the Healthcare Application Research Center of the University of Health Sciences.

S.B.Ü. Kartal Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital is a leading health institution that prepares these days with the consciousness of saving life which is the most sacred duty. By using advanced medical technologies as the occasion, we have aimed to present the best treatment modalities to our patients by reaching fast and accurate diagnosis in clinical applications. It has made itself a mission to become a preferred reference hospital in the healthcare sector by raising expert physicians equipped with superior qualifications under the guidance of international studies and researches.

Oncologic Surgical Clinics of our Hospital Cancer is the source of healing for our patients with current knowledge and experience in diagnosis and treatment phase. Radiation Oncology Clinic at Cyberknife, Rapidarc, Brachytherapy and well as technology devices such as Tomoterap device with the latest technologies as medical oncology patients in our ultra-modern environment is equipped with robotic devices in the clinic, accurate and complete oncological treatments are applied.

very successful in Turkey's best-equipped Wound and Burn Treatment Center in our hospital having treatment for the burns and wounds are taken. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center in this center provides complete treatment for wound healing.

In our Organ Transplant Centers, kidney transplants and corneal transplants are performed successfully.

In addition, our 93 Patient Care Center treats patients with critical conditions successfully.

Since our Emergency Medical Center is the best equipped center in our region, emergency diagnosis and treatment of a large number of patients are being performed.

Also Neurological Stroke Center, Rob Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Community Mental Health Center, Diabetes Center, Audiology Center, Cornea Transplant Center, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Unit, ERCP Unit, TPN Unit, Robotic Chemotherapy Unit are some of our hospital featured unit.

the submission of the above as well as excellent service and Mother Baby Friendly Hospital because our preferred hotel for applications in hospitals, health care is among the leaders in producing institutions of our Ministry of Health.

In addition, our hospital patient and employee satisfaction in the forefront of taking further develops, it is refreshed with new 1200-bed hospital also completed and opened to service the good news in 2018. I would like to share with you.

Goodbye to good wishes ...

Prof. Dr. Recep DEMİRHAN

Medical Director